Sunday 3 April 2016

This week's electronic-osified edition of 11TroniX >>

So far, this week's show consists of the following audio goodies:

Ego Punks feat. Elesha Moses - Heaven Closed (Luna Remix)
In Isolation - Tears (Matt Pop Mix)
Harry & Lloyd ft. Daz G - Wishing Well [The Daz G Echoes From Above Mix]
Suchitra Lata - Riviera Magenta
Kurtis Greenwood - ORbit
Thomas Ewel - Ex-O-Uterus
Elias Lycksell - Stainless Steel
Hydrogen Skyline - INHALE / EXHALE
VONeRGY - Before It's Gone
The Baltic States - The Fire
Goldstar - Wait For Me
Catfight - Earthbound (Radio Remix)
Chasjam - Starsky
Neo Jack (ft. The Antonist/Lisa Von H) - Wounded Bird
Vonileplay - Playgrounds
Dean - Saturn [ft. Edie Marshall and Rand Sheets]

As you know by now, this is not the final order and it may well be added to before Tuesday.

You know where to find all this audio goodness... if not, see below ;)


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