Tuesday 15 March 2016

11TroniX Spotlight - EGO PUNKS

As this week's show is kicking off with a track by this lovely lot, I thought I'd share a bit about them via my musical buddy/collaborator Paul Faulkner (Wainscott/Luna/Komatoze).

We will start the show with the track 'Heaven Closed', and it will be the Luna remix - featuring the vocal talents of Elisha Moses.

I will now fill you in with some of the information Paul was able to give me on the track, and the associated artists:

"I don't know much about them other than that I had a brief connection with them some years ago on MySpace but they went under a different name then. Apparently Paul Oakenfold supported their original instrumental mix!"

As for Elesha; Well for quite a while after remixing this song, I had no idea who she was by name but then I heard that she was going to be on 'The Voice' as part of a duo.

I then discovered that she was on The X Factor in 2010, and that I remembered her on there. She very nearly made it onto the live shows!"

Ego Punks' Stevie Vega & Jay Marshall are a trance production duo from the UK. They have worked with EDM labels: Tactal Hots, Deepmoon, Nu-Communicate, Only Trance records. Based in Milton Keynes.

11TroniX will again be occurring at 11pm UK time on www.xrpradio.co.uk - jump on as a guest to listen and view the chatbox insanity, or register and contribute to it :)

Hope to see you later,


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