Friday 16 November 2012

Skale Tracker

While I'm here, I'd like to make everyone aware (or more aware) of the wonderful piece of FREE software I've been using since my re-introduction to the world of PC-based composition and remixing some 3 years ago, Skale Tracker.

I know trackers are not everyone's cup of tea, but it seems they're all over the web and so far this is without doubt, my favourite.
I have many reasons for this - apart from me being very familiar with it, as you would be after 3 years of experience with it.

1. I find the layout very easy to follow.
2. It is pleasing/calming to the eye.
3. It can use up to around 70 different channels, not including effects and plugins - which is more than enough for me as I rarely go beyond 15-20 at the time of writing this - though I'm sure this will increase.
4. You can copy/paste entire tracks/patterns with a simple 'shift-F4' or a 'CTRL-F4', followed by another simple 'shift-F5' or 'CTRL-F5'. You get the idea. :)
5. It's free.
6. It's FREE.
7. When used in conjunction with a fully updated Audacity, there are not many things you can't achieve with this lovely pair. I'm also getting the hang of creating new samples within FL Studio and importing them for use in SKALE, where for now I feel more in control of the music in front of me.

I think with any new package, it's important to familiarise yourself with it, but whilst FL Studio is amazing in so many ways, SKALE provides me with a very solid base to work from. For now at least, that will continue with FL allowing me occasional bursts of flair to add extra colour to previously 'unfinished' sounding mixes.

I just feel Skale Tracker has given me so much, I needed to thank its developers by giving it a tribute page that was somehow previously lacking - despite there being so many youtube tutorials out there, and fans of other trackers.

Anyway, if this post struck a chord with you, like the page and share your comments, ideas and experiences!


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