Tuesday 17 May 2016

Greatest hits edition of 11TroniX

This week I've decided to buck the recent trend, and go with some of the cream of the crop so far, since 11TroniX began in October 2015. This is based mainly on the total number of plays on the show for track and artist alike, since this period.
This week's tracks start from an earlier period of 2011 and become more recent as the playlist progresses.

As a new twist, I am looking to engage listeners and artists alike, by including links to the official XRP Radio track listings for each. This makes it easier for any registered user to VOTE for, and BUY any of the tracks.
If the track or artist is not featured in the store, there will not be a vote link available, however.

When artists and listeners combine forces, special things happen like collaborations and remixes. New fans emerge and link sharing happens. This is the life blood of independent music, so come and register, listen, interact, share and add to the collective XRP snowball effect. ;)

Almost full track listing below - room for new additions as always.



01. Luna - Gold Dust VOTE/BUY
02. Thomas Ewel - Bigger Balls VOTE/BUY
03. Hydrogen Skyline - Relentless VOTE/BUY
04. Suchitra Lata and Mike Harrison - Sondam Illai (Torches Remix) VOTE/BUY
05. In Isolation - Film Noir Scandal (Matt Pop Remix) VOTE/BUY
06. Elias Lycksell - Stainless Steel VOTE/BUY
07. Catfight - Earthbound (Radio Remix) VOTE/BUY
08. Taliia - Thelma & Louise VOTE/BUY
09. Jodie Fitzgibbon - Going Down VOTE/BUY
10. Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick) VOTE/BUY
11. Kurtis Greenwood - Cape Town ARTIST PAGE
12. Vonileplay - Playgrounds VOTE/BUY
13. Goldstar - I Need VOTE/BUY
14. Chasjam Feat. Biim Frischenfeldt - Lifetime VOTE/BUY
15. Acazuz - Happier VOTE/BUY
16. Poppy's Field - Laguna VOTE/BUY
17. Brothercom - Hegemony VOTE/BUY


  1. This is very cool! Thank you for the links to vote! That's awesome. :D
    As always, I'm excited for the show! I hope to see more artists there too.

  2. Fantastic show tonight! I had lots of fun and enjoyed the artists' chat!