Tuesday 10 May 2016

New music from Suchitra Lata and a remix from Wainscott

This week the prolific Suchitra Lata has uploaded no less than 2 albums and 1 EP to XRP Radio.
3 of these tracks have been filtered into this week's playlist, along with a remix from Wainscott, which is not freshly made, however it is brand new to XRP and 11Tronix - one warning, it's quite a sad tune! :( (But beautiful too)

Ok so tonight's playlist on XRP Radio aside from late uploads or additions includes:

01. Trifonic - Lies (Wainscott Remix) --- NEW
02. Suchitra Lata - Shankara [Feat. Narayanan Ravi] --- NEW
03. Acazuz - Connected --- NEW
04. Milan - Miracle(Take my heart)
05. Armada Named Sound - Droid Dance
06. Harry and Lloyd Lloyd ft. Daz G - Wishing Well [The Daz G Echoes From Above Mix]
07. Suchitra Lata - Colour of the sky [Ft. Narayanan Ravi] - NEW
08. Club fungus - Annalie Prime Rebel [Clubfungus Mix feat. Annalie Prime]
09. Vonileplay - Knee Cap Guy
10. Filth + Glitter (Mark Burns) - Keep it Simple [Original Mix]
11. Catfight - Your World Is Mine
12. In Isolation - Tears (@Matt Matt Pop Mix)
13. Suchitra Lata - Summer Rain --- NEW
14. The Baltic States - The Fire
15. Hydrogen Skyline - INHALE / EXHALE
16. ChAsJaM Feat. Biim Frischenfeldt - Lifetime
17. Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Glass Lithium

Artists and listeners alike, come and jump in the chatbox as a registered user or a guest... we don't mind.. but the more the merrier for sure. You never know either, you might find a new collaborator or remixer in the chat!


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  1. ooo...excited to hear the new stuff too! Love the chat. :)