Monday 28 March 2016

Electro-pop-rock heads unite! 11TroniX is nearly here again...

In under 24 hours - this music will be happening, in an order yet to be decided.... and possibly the usual late additions :)

8 Bit Weapon - Phase I Lexical Analysis
Wainscott - Systematic
Daniele Bat Maraspin "A Bat's Project"
Shadows & Mirrors - Stitches
Suchitra Lata - Moonstone Mandala
Kurtis Greenwood - Chlorine (Ft. Megan McCarthy)
Kill For Eden - Kerosene - Vlad Electro Remix [Joerg Umbreit]
In Isolation - Film Noir Scandal (Matt Pop Remix)
Luna - Gold Dust
Vonileplay - Playgrounds
Jodie Fitzgibbon - Going Down
Goldstar - Alcohol Abuse
Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick)
Acazuz - Go Long
Thomas Ewel - Bigger Balls

As usual... go here - for music and optional chat!


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