Monday 21 March 2016

11TroniX this week...

As usual in recent weeks, below are the main artists that will be featuring this week:

01. Ego Punks feat. Elesha Moses - Heaven Closed (Luna Remix)
Full of trancey goodness, and I make no apologies for starting any show with this one :)

02. Filth + Glitter - Keep it Simple [Original Mix]
A new track (previously featured on 11TroniX) that will be remixed by both myself and Paul Faulkner in the weeks to come.

03. In Isolation - A Certain Fractal Light (Matt Pop Club Mix)
This is most definitely an XRP/11TroniX favourite, and will continue to be so. Matt Pop, you keep doing your thing too - we all love it!

04. Daniele Bat Maraspin - A Bat's Project
BRAND NEW submission last week, and HAD to be included in this week's playlist. So many different layers and styles wrapped up into one amazing electronic/metal bundle.

05. Suchitra Lata - Tangerine Skies
Another recent 11TroniX regular, with a little more chilled ear candy from her recent uploads.

06. Kill For Eden - Kerosene - Vlad Electro Remix [Joerg Umbreit]
Metal remix that lets its inner electronica be heard by all. The result is quite magnificent.

07. Kurtis Greenwood - ORbit
Rolling drums and signature atmospheric soundscapes from Kurtis' latest album 'Black and White'

08. Shadows & Mirrors - Stitches
Dark, moody electronica at its very best. Another new submission!

09. A Kompoz Collaboration for needed children - Dream Big
Electronic charity track featuring 11TroniX regular Thomas Ewel.

10. Vonileplay - Knee Cap Guy
South African grime/dubstep/drum 'n' bass that always hits the ground running. Straight to the point.

11. Vintage & Morelli - Sunny Morning In Amsterdam (Luna Remix)
More chilled Ibiza style trance from Paul Faulkner.

12. Chasjam Feat. Biim Frischenfeldt - Lifetime
Big 11TroniX favourite - wonderful catchy use of vocal chops and sampling.

13. Hydrogen Skyline - INHALE / EXHALE
Wonderfully catchy synth rock from the current XRP ARTIST OF THE MONTH!!

14. Neo Jack (ft. The Antonist/Lisa Von H) - Wounded Bird
Electro-folk featuring vocals and lyrics from the multi-talented Lisa Von H.

15. Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick)
Mike Harrison of Torches weaves his electronic magic - another XRP favourite. More please Torches! :)

Tune in as a guest, or jump in and join the fun with a registered account at

Hope to catch you tomorrow,
Daz ;)

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