Monday 18 April 2016

11TroniX - the electronic superfood for the ears ♫

In this week's concentrated dose of 11TroniX goodness, we have more of the new music from Armada Named Sound, Plaudits, Brothercom and Milan ... along with more even FRESHER music from another new XRP Radio artist - Cosimo.

The majority of the playlist (in running order) is as follows:

01. Wainscott - In The System (radio edit)
02. Armada Named Sound - Droid Dance >> (NEW)
03. Milan - Let Us Go >> (NEW)
04. Cosimo - Easy To Love >> (NEW ARTIST)
05. Plaudits - Reasons >> (NEW)
06. Brothercom - Hegemony (NEW - from last week)
07. Daniele Bat Maraspin - A Bat's Project
08. Kurtis Greenwood - Inscts
09. J Tizzle - Transparent Odyssey
10. Armada Named Sound - Blindvei
11. Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick)
12. Hydrogen Skyline - INHALE / EXHALE
13. Goldstar - I Need
14. VONeRGY - Something
15. Jodie Fitzgibbon - Going Down
16. Milan - King and queen (NEW - exclusive play from his new album)

For all those who are not regulars, or who are hearing of this for the first time - artists or listeners - please feel free to go to as a guest and sample the sounds, and if you like it a lot... you might want to jump in the chat box as a registered listener or artist and help to review the tunes live.

Come and be part of the XRP independent music revolution :)



  1. The show is definitely superfood! I'm excited for the show tomorrow! :D

  2. I am glad I found the blog! Thanks for a great show and can I cheekily add this ? ? Thanks again xx