Monday 25 April 2016

More fresh music, and another new artist ♫

This week's barrage of multi-vitamin, antioxidant-laden (bit of grimy food too obviously - need occasional roughage to balance things out) is almost upon us. It's due in a little over 24 hours to be vaguely precise.

The playlist for this week so far consists of:

01. Vintage & Morelli - Sunny Morning In Amsterdam (Luna Remix)
02. In Isolation - A Certain Fractal Light (Matt Pop Club Mix)
03. Vonileplay - Playgrounds
04. J.Signature - Instrumental (NEW ARTIST TO XRP - THIS WEEK)
05. Armada Named Sound - Fixation
06. Milan - Miracle(Take my heart)
07. Cosimo - Spark
08. Suchitra Lata - Frillex
09. Plaudits - History
10. Kurtis Greenwood - ORbit
11. The Junta - Agent Coulson (Captain Black Mix)
12. Parallax Faction - Tale on Fire (Depressed Mode Mix)
13. Clubfungus - Annalie Prime Rebel Clubfungus Mix (feat. Annalie Prime)
14. Chasjam Feat. Biim Frischenfeldt - Lifetime
15. Filth + Glitter - Flow [People Theatre's Foretaste Mix - Radio Edit]
16. Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Glass Lithium

As usual if there are late uploads, then there could well be room to squeeze a few in - SO if that's the case right now and you have new music waiting... get in there quick, and you could easily find yourself getting airplay tomorrow night (11pm UK time).

Get listening, submitting, registering and generally interacting with the home of the independent artist, XRP Radio. (

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  1. I love your show! I can't wait to hear the new artist too. :)