Tuesday 21 June 2016

'Newest music' edition of 11TroniX

'Newest music' edition of 11TroniX

After 'Live from the Bog' and before 'The Aperture'. 3 LIVE shows in a row, on Tuesday nights. 11TroniX at 11pm UK time will feature the most recent uploads to XRP Radio , finishing off with the less recent.

Tonight's edition will be featuring:

Keep an eye on the show, as occasional shows now have themes, such as:
- Charts related
- 'Greatest hits' - tracks that have the most plays so far
- Chillout mixes and faster mixes
- Newest music
- More themes may well follow!

Look out for updates for 11TroniX and XRP Radio on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr and Reddit.


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