Tuesday 14 June 2016

11TroniX - Chillout edition

For all those who might think we just do faster electronic music only -
Tuesday 11pm UK time 11TroniX will have a ‪#‎chillout‬ ‪#‎ambient‬ style show including 2 brand new uploads from AlterLyte project, as well as J Tizzle, Cosimo and ChAsJaM.

Other music will come in the form of Suchitra Lata, Wainscott, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, 8 Bit Weapon, Acazuz, Beyond The Clones and Brothercom.

We'll be up straight after Clint with 'Live from the Bog' and right before we hand over to Mario's 'TheAperture'.

Daz of XRP


1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed the theme on this week's show. Quite enjoyable. :)