Monday 29 February 2016

This week's 11TroniX

Ok I will usually keep the cards close to my chest, but on this occasion I'm being a bit more specific about what's on offer, as it's quite a big sounding edition :)
Two new tracks to XRP from Suchitra Lata will feature, along with others from Kill For Eden [A remix] and a new Filth + Glitter remix, courtesy of People Theatre. Watch this space as far as Filth + Glitter are concerned as there is a new follow-up track to 'Flow' coming soon, along with another set of remixes following that.

Tomorrow's line-up (so far) includes:

Thomas Ewel - Ex-O-Uterus
Suchitra Lata - Mixed Metaphors
Kill For Eden - Kerosene - Vlad Electro Remix [Joerg Umbreit]
Luna - Skyscrapers (Ste Adams Mix)
In Isolation - Film Noir Scandal (Matt Pop Remix)
Filth + Glitter - Flow [People Theatre's Foretaste Mix - Radio Edit]
Catfight - Earthbound (Radio Remix)
Goldstar - Landslide
Suchitra Lata - World At My Feet (feat Trilochan Kampli)
Hydrogen Skyline - Relentless
Kurtis Greenwood - Spider Walk PREVIEW
Chasjam - Bass Maniac
Acazuz - Monster Dog (GLT Music free release)
The Baltic States - The Fire
Torches - Fairweather Friends (ft. Erin Brick)
Jodie Fitzgibbon - Going Down

Hope to see both bands and listeners in the chatbox tomorrow at 11pm UK time, 5pm Central US time, 1am Central European time and 10am [Wednesday] in Australia [Sydney time].


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