Friday 20 November 2015


On 27th October 2015, a new show was born on XRP Radio!

I named it '11TroniX' and it features 100% independent and unsigned musicians in the wide genre that is electronic music.

Among the artists that have already featured are: Taliia, Thomas Ewel, Wainscott, Hydrogen Skyline, DJ Unicode, Acazuz, Goldstar, The Baltic States, Filth + Glitter, AFTERLIFE, Victor Snow, Catfight, ChAsJaM, Shadows & Mirrors, Queen's Troubadour, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, Dean and J Tizzle.

You can vote for your favourite tracks, buy them within the site, get them into the weekly charts and can register as either a listener or an artist yourself. Come and get involved!

Tune in at every Tuesday at 11pm [UK time], 5-6pm central US time, 1-2am Central European time, and Eastern Time 8-9pm.

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