Friday 25 April 2014

New Projects update

I've recently made contact with a band from Newcastle by the name of 'Filth & Glitter' who have already had one remix made from their track 'Improvise' courtesy of Wainscott (Paul Faulkner) - who is also preparing a second remix. I discussed the possibility of remixing it myself with Mark from the band and now it is in full flow (to say the least!) and I'm looking to have it finished very soon. It will have trance elements but with a hint at the 80's as is my tendency.

I'm also preparing to do 3 other remixes and a brand new VONeRGY track (in addition to the release of 'Before it's Gone') with Lisa Von H.

Here is the original Filth & Glitter track 'Improvise', with a brief introduction to the band:

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