Monday 7 November 2011

Feeling inspired... tired, but inspired :))

Well I have to say the discovery of not only the 'Lights' remix opportunities - and in particular the track 'Toes'. It's that intoxicating combination of finding the track amazingly catchy and KNOWING you could give it a different feel.
I think by really being picky about the competitions I enter will definitely stand me in good stead now...I mean I thought I was picky before but I'm having to UP the picky factor in order to allow the original material and collaborations to have a chance.

A combination of that now being in full swing, along with the discovery of how to use a technique called 'Auto Ducking' (If you use Audacity) has meant that I feel thoroughly inspired and mentally - if not physically - energised. :))

Here is the result of the second Draft, and a demonstration of the above. Hope you like it... and ciao for now:

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